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Data listed below are available with digital objective identifiers (DOIs) from the Global Environmental Database of NIES. Please carefully read the Terms and Condition of Use in the following links before downloading data.

Dataset Name Instrument Species Data Period Last Update Link
The most recent year CME data (QA/QC in progress) CME CO2 1 Jan 2021–31 Dec 2021 30 Jun 2022 doi:10.17595/20210827.001
Regular CME data CME CO2 5 Nov 2005–31 Dec 2020 30 Jun 2022 doi:10.17595/20180208.001
Pacific ocean line ASE data ASE CO2 & CH4 23 Apr 1993–2 Dec 2017 30 Jun 2021 doi:10.17595/20190828.001
The most recent year Eurasian continent line ASE data (QA/QC in progress) ASE CO2 & CH4 22 Jan 2020–29 Oct 2020 27 Aug 2021 doi:10.17595/20210827.002
Regular Eurasian continent line ASE data ASE CO2 & CH4 23 Apr 2012–29 Oct 2020 30 Jun 2022 doi:10.17595/20190828.002

For other non-DOI data: If you want to use CONTRAIL data for your research, please contact to the PIs (contrail_pi(at) by e-mail with your name, affiliation/institute, mail address, and a brief description of your research project as well as the data you request (period, area, vertical or horizontal, etc.). Once your request is accepted by the PIs, they will provide you access to the datasets for your research.

CONTRAIL PIs (contrail_pi(at)
Toshinobu Machida (NIES)
Hidekazu Matsueda (MRI/Dokkyo University)
Yosuke Niwa (NIES)