The 29th NIES supercomputer workshop

The Center for Global Environmental Research (CGER) Earth System Division is pleased to announce that the 29th Supercomputer Workshop will be held as follows.

Date and time: December 23(Thu), 2021, 13:30–17:35 JST
Place: Web Conference(Zoom)
Language: Japanese or English, without simultaneous interpretation.

The latest research using NIES supercomputer will be presented.

The users of NEC SX-Aurora TSUBASA at NIES and NIES staff will be informed Zoom meeting URL by e-mail or Intranet.

If you are not a user of NEC SX-Aurora TSUBASA at NIES or NIES staff, but interested in this workshop, please contact us.

We sincerely look forward to your participation in this workshop.

Supercomputer Secretariat (Miho Kakinuma)
E-mail: kakinuma.miho at
(Please put “@” instead of “at” when you email.)

The 29th NIES supercomputer workshop programme

13:30~13:35 Opening address
Nobuko SAIGUSA (Earth System Division, NIES)
13:35~13:45 Operation status of NIES supercomputer system and outline of research applications
Earth System Division/Environmental Information Division
Session 1 (Moderator: Hideharu AKIYOSHI)
13:45~14:05 Studies on uncertainties in climate predictions associated with cloud and precipitation processes
Nagio HIROTA(Earth System Division, NIES)
14:05~14:25 Assessment of the impact of short-lived climate forcers on climate and regional environment
Daisuke GOTO(Regional Environment Conservation Division, NIES)
14:25~14:45 Development of air pollution forecasting system by using aerosol data assimilation
Daisuke GOTO(Regional Environment Conservation Division, NIES)
14:45~14:55 Break
Session 2 (Moderator: Hisashi YASHIRO)
14:55~15:15 Climate change impact prediction and adaptation for water environment and ecosystem in enclosed water body
Hironori HIGASHI(Regional Environment Conservation Division, NIES)
15:15~15:35 Multi-scale modeling of atmospheric greenhouse gases
Yosuke NIWA (Earth System Division, NIES)
15:35~15:55 Numerical study on cloud systems using NICAM
Woosub ROH (Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, The University of Tokyo)
15:55~16:05 Break
Session 3 (Moderator: Seita EMORI)
16:05~16:25 Climate change studies by development of terrestrial models in Earth System
Tokuta YOKOHATA (Earth System Division, NIES)
16:25~16:45 A study on ozone layer change and its effect on climate change using atmosphere-ocean coupled chemistry-climate models
Hideharu AKIYOSHI (Earth System Division, NIES)
16:45~17:05A Numerical experiment on varieties of climates of terrestrial planets with taking exoplanets into consideration: an experiment on obliquity dependence with land planet configuration
Masaki ISHIWATARI (Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Hokkaido University)
17:05~17:30 Discussion
17:30~17:35 Closing address
Seita EMORI (Earth System Division, NIES)
17:45~19:30 Online gathering