The 19th NIES supercomputer workshop


Center for Global Environmental Research (CGER) is pleased to announce that The 19th Supercomputer Workshop will be held as follows.

Date and time:
November 25 (Friday), 2011, 13:00–17:10
The 19th Supercomputer Workshop
Conference Room, Climate Change Research Hall (Ground Floor),
CGER, National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES)
Tel 029-850-2409
Fax 029-858-2645
E-mail www-cger(at)nies(dot)go(dot)jp

The latest researches using NIES supercomputer will be presented.

This workshop will be open to the all of you who are interested, we encourage your participation.

13:00–13:05 opening address Yasuhiro SASANO (CGER, NIES)
13:05–13:20 Operation status of NIES supercomputer system and outline of research applications CGER/Environmental Information Department
13:20–13:35 Improvement of the land surface process of MIROC global climate model and its application to land-atmosphere interaction studies Naota HANASAKI (CGER, NIES)
13:35–13:50 Understanding and constraining uncertainties in long-term and near-term climate predictions Hideo SHIOGAMA (CGER, NIES)
13:50–14:05 Source-receptor analysis of air pollutants and estimation of their impact on climate Tatsuya NAGASHIMA (CRER, NIES)
14:05–14:20 Simulation and analysis of stratospheric ozone variations and their effects on stratosphere-troposphere climate Hideharu AKIYOSHI (CGER, NIES)
14:20–14:35 Data assimilation of atmosphere and ozone with chemistry-climate models for intercomparison Kiyotaka SHIBATA (Meteorological Research Institute)
14:35–14:50 Effects of wind waves and rainfall on momentum and transfer across the gas-liquid interface between atmosphere and ocean Rhoichi KUROSE (Kyoto Unversity)
14:50–15:10 Coffee Break
15:10–15:25 Operating, maintaining and revising systems to process observational data from the Greenhouse Gases Observing Satellite (GOSAT) Hiroshi WATANABE/Akira YUKI (CGER, NIES)
15:25–15:40 Application of transport modeling to inverse modeling of the greenhouse gas fluxes Shamil MAKSYUTOV (CGER, NIES)
15:40–15:55 Development of a combined system for CAI-satellite imager analysis and model simulation Daisuke GOTO (The University of Tokyo)
15:55–16:10 Numerical study on cloud system using NICAM Tempei HASHINO (The University of Tokyo)
16:10–16:25 A parameter study on moist atmosphere with various solar constant by the use of non-hydrostatic convection model Yoshi-Yuki HAYASHI (Kobe University)
16:25–16:40 Paleoclimate Modeling and Global Warming Experiments using MIROC-med and an ice-sheet model (ICIES) Masakazu YOSHIMORI (The University of Tokyo)
16:40–17:05 discussion
17:05–17:10 closing address Hitoshi MUKAI (CGER, NIES)

The reception will be held from 18:00 at NIES.