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Seasonal Response of North Western Pacific Marine Ecosystems to Deposition of Atmospheric Inorganic Nitrogen Compounds from East Asia

Taketani F., Aita M. N., Yamaji K., Sekiya T., Ikeda K., Sasaoka K., Hashioka T., Honda M. C., Matsumoto K., Kanaya Y.
Scientific Reports, 8:9324

The contribution of the atmospheric deposition of inorganic nitrogen compounds produced in East Asia to the marine ecosystems of the North Western Pacific Ocean (NWPO) was investigated in this study using a 3-D lower trophic-marine ecosystem model (NEMURO) combined with an atmospheric regional chemical transport model (WRF-CMAQ). The monthly mean values for the wet and dry deposition of nitrogen compounds, including gases (HNO3 and NH3) and aerosol particles (NO3 and NH4+), were determined using the WRF-CMAQ for the NWPO from 2009–2016. These values were input into the NEMURO as an additional nitrogen source. The NEMURO indicated that the annual average chlorophyll mass concentration at the surface in the subtropical region (20°N–30°N; 125°E–150°E) of the NWPO increased from 0.04 to 0.10 mg/m3. Similarly, the gross primary productivity, integrated over sea depths of 0–200 m, increased from 85 to 147 mg C/m2/day because of this deposition. This study indicates that the supply of atmospheric inorganic nitrogen compounds from East Asia to the NWPO could have a high nutrient impact on the marine ecosystem in the subtropical region.