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CONTRAIL data protocol

The CONTRAIL (Comprehensive Observation Network for TRace gases by AIrLiner) project is being jointly conducted by NIES (National Institute for Environmental Studies), the MRI (Meteorological Research Institute), JAL (Japan Airlines), JAMCO (JAMCO Corporation) and JAL-F (JAL Foundation). The CONTRAIL Database contains all the CO2 data measured by CME (except the data under QC), as well as the information from the aircraft data system (aircraft position, temperature, wind direction and wind speed). See the publications listed below for more detailed information.

The data was processed and checked by the following Principal Investigators (PIs), before being submitted to the Database.

Toshinobu Machida (NIES) < tmachida(at)nies.go.jp >
Hidekazu Matsueda (MRI) < hmatsued(at)mri-jma.go.jp >
Yousuke Sawa (MRI) < ysawa(at)mri-jma.go.jp >
Yosuke Niwa (NIES) < niwa.yosuke(at)nies.go.jp >

Since February 2018, the CONTRAIL CO2 data measured by CME are openly accessible to data users ( doi:10.17595/20180208.001). The current version of the dataset goes until the end of 2015. Please acknowledge properly or contact to the CONTRAIL PIs according to the Terms and Conditions of Use. For other datasets taken by COTNRAIL, the following data protocol is applied (as is done conventionally).

We would appreciate data users if they kindly let the CONTRAIL PIs know a new publication and/or presentation that use the CONTRAIL data. We might list such publications/presentations on this website without notice. Contributions of data users strongly support continuation of the CONTRAIL project.

For non-DOI data: If you want to use CONTRAIL data for your research, please contact to the PIs by e-mail with your name, affiliation/institute, mail address, and a brief description of your research project as well as the data you request (period, area, vertical or horizontal, etc.). Once your request is accepted by the PIs, they will provide you access to the datasets for your research.

Terms and Conditions of Use:
  1. Before using CONTRAIL data in a presentation/publication, please contact the PIs to discuss the results as well as co-authorship and collaboration. In any case of presentation/publication, the data source from the CONRAIL project and our publication should be cited. All persons using the CONTRAIL data are requested to provide a short annual report on the work carried out with the data including a list of relevant publications/presentations by the following January.
  2. See also doi:10.17595/20180208.001